The Power Of Social Media Engagement

My latest client Bad, Baby sells pen sized hairspray and dry shampoo. When I first hopped on this campaign, I thought about who I wanted to target first. It is my belief that the most powerful form of marketing is engagement and conversation with the RIGHT people. So for Bad, Baby, I targeted engagement to beauty bloggers. 

My plan was simple. Like, follow and comment on Instagram accounts who were engaging with relevant hashtags like #DryShampoo and #Hairspray. I would compliment their accounts and invite them to the Bad, Baby Instagram page. I would also track users who were engaging with the Instagram account the most. 

My efforts eventually landed Bad, Baby an article a popular blog called Polish and Plates. 

Recently I posted this photo on my Instagram page and found that it was commented on by a company suggesting their dry shampoo pen. Intrigued by the notion of a truly travel size dry shampoo I decided to give it a try! And since I already did the dirty work for you I’m going to tell you about it today!
— Polish and Plates

The word of mouth continued and eventually the popular blog Refinery29 took notice to the brand. 

This may be the smallest can of dry shampoo to ever hit a beauty supply store shelf — it’s the size of a pen! — but the mist it delivers is just as powerful as that of a classic travel-size formula.
— Refinery29

I cannot begin to stress the power of word of mouth. If you speak to the RIGHT people on social media, they will listen. In Bad, Baby's case, speaking to popular beauty bloggers paid off. As of Today, Bad, Baby is now stocked at department stores like Urban Outfitters, Ulta and CVS. 

Jarrell Chalmers